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The purpose of this wiki is to provide articles on physics concepts as well as provide everyone from physics graduate students to casual readers with peer-reviewed problems and solutions. Many of these problems are graduate-level, from public problem banks. Public problem banks are often compiled by various university physics departments and include questions that they have given on previous PhD qualifying/prelim exams. The community can submit problems, search for problems, and post or correct solutions to these problems.

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Rotating tube 12/27/2009 with solution (ws)

Rotating tube
A particle of mass m is placed in a smooth uniform tube of mass M and length l.  The tube is free to rotate about its center in a vertical plane.  The system is started from rest with the tube horizontal and the particle a distance r_0 from the center of the tube.

For what length of the tube will the particle leave the tube when \dot{\theta}=\omega is a maximum and \theta=\theta_m?  Your answer should be in terms of \omega and \theta_m.

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